My first theory

It has been two years since "Heathens" was released. And on that day I had my first theory to the meaning behind Twenty One Pilots. With the new music and the new videos an the strange hiatus and the cryptic messages since then, my theory is only stronger, just much deeper than I thought. All of these fan-girls and fan-boys naively think the songs are about the "clique", more so with Heathens.

Now, I am likely not completely right (if I am right at all), but all of the theories seem to share one common undertone: the music is about mental health and the struggles within. In truth, it is not something anyone wants to talk about. People struggling with mental health typically don't want to talk about it or they don't want help or they just want to be left alone. Granted this is not always the case and there are people who want someone to talk to but I don't think that is the subject at hand here.

Our favorite music is the music we can connect with.

I know firsthand by listening to TOP, that their music makes you more comfortable in admitting "I’m insecure and I care what people think", or "I could pull the steering wheel". I think they are slowly showing the issues of mental health, but strangely in a entertaining and safe way.