Define: success /səkˈses/

[Originally written: July, 2013]

A lot of people do not understand what success is. They think they do. But I disagree. 

Success: (noun)
the accomplishment of an aim or purpose

Yeah, sure we know the Google definition of success. But, why don’t we use it? This is a bit more accurate:

Success: (noun)
only works 3 days week, dressed nicely, big house, nice care, sexy wife with a boob job. Travels a lot, first name basis with powerful people bla bla bla

Society has pushed this definition into our heads, convincing us this is what we want. This justifies the nine-to-five bullshit job you can’t get out of. Urban dictionary actually has some definitions of success including Facebook friends, salary, how many people you have slept with, your body type, and your amount of assets. Pfft, pathetic.

We need to erase this concept of success from the social dictionary. Remove the influence from Jay-Z or Donald Trump that may alter your opinion on what you want in life. Read my list of my strategy for success. You might realize what success means to you.

My accumulating rules for success:

  • Define success.  Know what success is to you. Although, success has a definition, it is defined by society. This is why people today feel they aren’t successful.  Success is not always a four-year degree from an accredited university. It is not always money. To one, it may be putting food on the table for a family of four. To another, it may be making six figures a year. It may even be making you father proud, or quitting that something in your life that drags you down. No matter your definition, discover what is important to you. Discover your own definition of success.
  • Passion, then discipline. First find your passion. Then discipline will shortly follow. Personally, I have no discipline. I do what I wan’t when I want. However, I have a awesome work ethic, love to exercise, love to program, and I study on my free time. Those are my passions. Discipline is a by-product.
  • Always strive for success. Once you reach your success, immediately work for the next. Success is never done. Always keep working for that next goal. Even Bill Gates has goals he is working for. Success is not a destination, but a journey.
  • Forward, or backwards. Every day you take steps. Life is moving, and you can’t sit still. only allow yourself to do things that are steps forward, towards accomplishing your goals. If you are doing something that does not benefit you in one way or another, you are moving backwards. And you fall backwards faster than you can move forward.
  • Let people know. Don’t be shy. Let people know what is success to you. Share it, share when you make a big step. Don’t brag. Just share. Just the way I am.

Less serious – Tips for life (not in order)

  • Never buy the warranty. By the time it breaks, it will be out dated. Even if you can find the warranty 1 year later.
  • Get full coverage. Contrary to number one. All said and done, its worth your time, just as much as its worth your money.
  • Stop eating before your full. That alone is enough to help lose weight.
  • Know your vehicle. Know how to change oil, change tires, and jump start it. Have the cables with you. Be sure to have tools to change a tire… in the dark … during a blizzard… alone.
  • Admit your wrong.  People like you much more when you put your ego aside and say you’re wrong and a complete idiot. No one likes stubborn.
  • Don’t be pretentious. To me, you’re smarter if you admit you don’t know the subject as opposed to blowing it our your ass.
  • Make friends with your enemy.  I love to make peace with people whom I dislike, or dislikes me. They turn out to be some of the most loyal friends and valuable assets.
  • Shake hands and know names. Look them in the eye, and repeat their name. Stare if you need to, but, remember the name.
  • Never trash talk. Doesn’t matter how you feel or how certain you are no one will hear. Never talk ill of someone.  Except Justin Bieber. He sucks.
  • Never turn down home-cooked meals. People put thought in to home cooked meals. It should be an honor.
  • Don’t wait till empty. Fill your car up at quarter-tank. No need to call in a favor due to a stupid mistake.
  • Buy one -get one free. It’s a scam. You are not saving money by spending more, for more than you need.
  • Home Necessities.  Including but not limited to:
    • Duct Tape If it moves and it shouldn't
    • WD-40 If it doesn't move and it should
    • Gold Bond foot powder MEDICATED! (Not just for feet)
    • Big bandaids. Not those wimpy little ones
    • Variety of drinks for visitors
    • Simple tools
    • Zip ties
    • Rubbing alcohol
    • Sugar free candy for visiting kids
    • Flash lights & candles
    • At least 4 full sets of face cards.
    • Lots and lots of distilled vinegar. So many uses for it. Look it up
    • Lot's of painters plastic. Not for murder. But incase of fallout.