What is this for?

[Originally written: JULY 16, 2014]

Hello, my name is Chad, and I am a nerd. 

Altogether now, "Hello, Chad".

Well kind of. I didn’t know I was a nerd until about three years ago. I struggle with adapting to my new lifestyle. My family and friends find it amusing. I could either hide it, or own it. So I will blog it so everyone can join in! Who knows, maybe there are some confused souls out there that will find this helpful.

This blog is for everyone. I think? I am really not sure what the direction this will go, but my intentions are

  • How to be a nerd
  • My (strange) views on things that matter to me – Life, school, motivation, Android vs iOS, success, Marvel etc.
  • Things I find funny
  • android like things
  • android tutorials
  • iOS like things
  • When I study it: iOS tutorials


What a nice guy, posting tutorials for people he doesn’t know and for free! Giving his opinions. How cute, he actually thinks people are reading this! Awww….

Three reasons

  1. I keep tutorials like these as references for myself. I forget some of this all the time!

  2. This will be my fix for my narcissism. Who doesn’t like to talk about themselves?
  3. I like to help people out. If you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask. I love to help when I can. If you have any suggestions spelling errors, or anything of the sort, submit them here.

Here I go.