[Originally written AUGUST 13, 2014]

I love where I am at, and where I want to go. I am very passionate and dedicated with learning. Thus, landing me a job that most would agree is a above average for someone like me. I have little enterprise experience, and little personal experience. The reason I am able to move up is my passion. I am always thinking about programming. I study logic, structure, and syntax as much as I can. Not cause I want to be better, but because I am addicted to it. I love creating elegant code, and useful programs that people love to use. I had a late start with programming, I feel. Starting at 21 years old, I have a slight anxiety thinking about how I wasted years of my life gaming, hanging with friends, partying, and sluffing school. I could have used that time to learn – to explore!

I am gnawing at the bit

to catch up. I despise the fact that we as humans need to sleep. Such a waste of time. Ultimately, life is too short to spend time on necessities such as eating, sleeping and socializing.


The line of code that could fix it all. If I could put a snippet of code in to the compiler we call life, it would be while(true) – An infinite loop to give me more time.